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Form 1 Chapter 6 >>> Sources of Energy

Here is some important part in Chapter 6, students can have a review here^^
6.1   The Various Form and Sources of Energy
- Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Energy is measured in joules (j).
- Energy can be found in many forms :

a) Kinetic Energy
  • Kinetic energy is the energy possessed by a moving object.
  • The kinetuc energy of an object depends on ots mass and velocity.
example of kinetic energy-running of leopard

b) Potential Energy
  • Potential energy is the energy stored in a body due to its position (gravitational potential energy) or its physical condition (elastic potential energy).
  • The gravitational potential energy of an object depends on : the mass of the object, the distance of the object from the Earth's surface, and the power of the gravitational pull on the object.
  • A falling object gain kinetic energy but loses potential energy.
  • Elastic potential energy exists in only elastic substances such as spring or a rubber.
elastic potential energy

c) Heat Energy
  • Heat energy is the energy that is stored in hot object.
  • The heat energy of a body depends on its temperature and volume.
Heat Energy

d) Light Energy
  • Light energy is the energy produced by an object that emits light.
  • Light energy can travel in a vacuum and in a straight line in the form of waves.
example of light energy

e) Sound Energy
  • Sound energy is the energy produced by a vibrating object.
  • The vibrating air forms sound waves.
example of sound energy-drum

f) Chemical energy
  • Chemical energy is the energy stored in a chemical substance.
  • When substance undergoes chemical reaction, chemical energy which is stored will be released and converted into other form of energy.
example of electrical energy-battery

g) Electrical Energy
  • Electrical energy is the energy produced by the flow of electric charges
example of electrical energy

h) Nuclear Energy
  • Nuclear energy is the energy stored in the nucleus of an atom.
  • Also known as atomic energy.
example of neclear energy-nuclear plant

i) Mechanical Energy
  • Mechanical energy is produced when a machine or object change its position.
example of mechanical energy-used in meter glass

j) Solar Energy
  • Solar energy is produced during the process of nuclear fusion in the Sun's core.
  • Almost all the energy currently available comes from the Sun.
Solar energy comes from Sun

Sources of Energy
Types of energy source on Earth
  • Fossil fuels
  • Biomass fuel
  • Radioactive substance
  • Mechanical sources
  • Geothermal sources
  • Sun

6.2   Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Source
  • Renewable energy source of energy are energy sources which can be used again because the supplies are not limited. Example : wind, solar, hydro, wave, biomass, etc.
  • Non-renewable energy sources of energy are sources of energy which are limited in supply and will be used up in a short period of time. Example : fossil fuels and radioactive souurces.


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