Thursday, May 24, 2012

Model 3D

This is what i do for my project, which is 3D model, and i decided to do topic solid geometry.
Although you may think that it was easy to do that but it actually need a lot of effort and time! You can try to do it on your own, what you have to prepare is only A4 paper, sciscor, glue, ruler and also pensel. See, the material is all very easy to gain and it really worthy to have a try on it!
I feel really satisfied after doing all this, have a feeling like back to secondary school sumemore xD
Now, have a look on what i have done^^
All of the 3D model that i have done^^

This is pyramid, i feel most satisfy with this!

This is cone, this one quite hard to do because of the round surface area below is hard to attach to the upper surface of the cone.

This is rectangle

This one is cylinder, and is the model that i take the longest time to finsh it!

This is cube, small cube, have a big one some more

This is triangular prism, a bit looks like a pyramid

And this is the big cube! i want to keep all my 3D model inside this big cube ^^
 Hope you enjoy with what i have done ;)

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